Discover technology
in sports and health
at new levels

This is what awaits members at SQAD21

Experience sports the way you have always wanted to

Meet up with your friends and complete an interactive course in your favorite sport. Rewrite history scoring epic soccer goals yourself. Complete your personalized fitness workout. Play a real-life sports videogame where you are the main character.

What you have always dreamed of – it becomes reality!
Exercise with the latest training methods and compete against AI-controlled robots. Collect digital data about your personal fitness and get tips for health and performance. Share your scores, climb the world rankings and earn rewards for your success. Sounds good? Join the SQAD and connect with other crew members in our global community.

The idea of the SQAD21 universe

Digital technologies in sports made accessible to everyone

SQAD21 offers in its worlds to anybody a variety of ways to exercise sports of the future:

SQAD21 FAB combines architectural vision and holistic recreation. SQAD21 HUB brings the SQAD feeling close to the people. SQAD21 Performance Centers offer training opportunities for professional teams. Worlds consist of various apps: SQAD Soccer includes Big Data training suits measuring digital data and AI models creating new soccer training methods and competition situations. Bioathletic Centers unite aspects of sport, health and nutrition. Doolab Islands makes early age motion education possible.

Our franchise partners can assemble different worlds and apps individually.


Di Geronimo

Founder + CEO